Happy 21st Birthday My Dearest Yuto <3 <3

Happy Birthday
Yuto Nakajima


My Boy Yuto, Happy Birthday dear. I hope you have a wonderful day.
I'm thankful to God for made you, Yuto Nakajima, someone that I know although you don't know me but I hope someday we can meet face by face, not just me who will see you but you will see me also. My special boy Yuto, you will always be a special boy, man, person in my heart, no one like you in my heart, you are everything to me. You make my bad day become wonderful, my bad mood become cheerful, and my life become colorful just because of you.
Congrats for become lead actor in your newest dorama, and also the center for one of JUMP's newest single song because you really deserve it. I know from now on, Yuto will shining bright brighter and brightest. I will always love you forever <3

Happy 24th Birthday Kei

Happy Birthday
Kei Inoo


And yeah, I think my wish for Kei-chan's birthday last year is come true now. This year Kei-chan had his regular role in two doramas and get more and more solo lines in JUMP's songs. Kei-chan really get so much attention right now and I'm really happy for him :D
So now, I just hope Kei-chan will always become Kei-chan who always random, smart, adorable, pretty more than a girl, and sexy ;)
And as usual, I hope all the BEST for Kei-chan *big hug* *chu*

Happy 30th Birthday Keiichiro

Happy Birthday
Keiichiro Koyama


I wanna be happy today because today is Keiichi's birthday, my ichiban in NEWS. But in fact, I can't be happy because the situation in my family that make me so stressful. But, I still wanna say Happy 30th Birthday my dear Keiichi. Always be a best leader for NEWS and make NEWS more shining than before, I know you can do it. I can't say much for now because I still in the bad mood but have a wonderful birthday Keiichi and wish all the best for you <3
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Happy 20th Birthday Kento <3

Happy Birthday
Kento Nakajima



Happy Birthday my dearest Sexy Zone's leader Kenty <3
Wish all the best for Kenty and I hope Kenty can success both in study and work. Because now Kenty already an adult, so I hope Kenty can become a good leader and I hope Kenty can lead the other membaa in the good way, because Kenty is the oldest deshou ^^
I also hope Kenty can get more and more dorama and movie jobs in the future because I'm sure Kenty was born to be an idol and actor.
Kenty kiss me honey
Kenty onegai
Kenty can you be my boyfriend?
Kenty~ Can you be my baby <3

Happy 28th Birthday Kazuya

Happy Birthday
Kazuya Kamenashi


It's almost over but I still want to say Otanjoubi Omedetou atashi no daijina Oniichan, Kazu-nii. Hope the best for Kazu-nii and promise me that Kazu-nii will always be with KAT-TUN zutto eien ni...

Happy 19th Birthday Taiga

Happy Birthday
Taiga Kyomoto


It's too late but I still wanna say happy 19th birthday for Taiga. Hopefully Taiga will debut with the other Bakaleya6 members soon. That's my one and only wish for Taiga birthday this time.

Happy 20th Birthday Chinen <3

Happy Birthday
Yuri Chinen

Happy 20th birthday atashi no daijina otouto ^__^
Finally Chii become an adult now :) I'm so happy for it but for sure I'll be missing my cute spoiled little squirrel Chinen so much >_<
Although now Chii is an adult but I hope Chii will remain the same as before. Don't lose hope for your height because I'm sure you still have a chance to grow taller than now. was everyone already spoil you before you were 20 years old? I hope so :D
Hope the best for Chii. Be a good adult and always be yourself. Always be a best friend with Yutti too ^^
Chinen wa itsumo atashi no namba-1 no otouto ni narimasu. Chinen ga daisuki <3

Happy 28th Birthday Junno

Happy Birthday
Junnosuke Taguchi

Happy 28th birthday my prince charming Junno <3
There are so much things happened to your group but I hope you will always remain there and I promise whatever is happen, I will always support you and your group. I hope you always be happy and always show your bright smile for all of your fans. I'll always love you <3