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Happy Birthday
So Matsushima

I miss souchan's voice in Sexy Zone's songs so much. Lately, there is just a little Sou-chan's part in Sexy Zone's songs so I hope Sou-chan will get a solo part in Sexy Zone's songs later. I also hope Sou-chan can starring in a dorama soon later. Happy 16th birthday Sou-chan. Always be your self, always be a cheerful Sou-chan that I know. The best hope for Sou-chan. Hopefully Sou-chan will be more shining than now.

Happy 21st birthday for Park Chan Yeol too ^_^

Happy 23rd Birthday Kanata

Happy Birthday
Kanata Hongo



Happy Birthday
Tegoshi Yuya


You are the first man that I like in Johnny's Jimusho, although now you are not my ichiban anymore but you still my niban in NEWS.
I know you always be care to your group so I hope you will make NEWS more shining than now together with the other membaa.
Always be evil Tegoshi who don't want to lose to another person but at least don't always bullying Koyama.
I will always support you from here and I wish all the best for you...

for the last, just wanna say happy birthday for Min Hwan too ^^


Happy 20th Birthday My Dearest Yuto <3 <3

Happy Birthday
Yuto Nakajima


Today is my dearest and beloved Yuto's 20th birthday. Finally Yuto is turn 20 years old and it means Yuto is adult now.
For me Yuto is very special. More than a boy that I being a fan, more than ichiban, Yuto is everything for me.
From the first time I knew about Hey! Say! JUMP, I immediately fell in love for him. Why Yuto? Why not the other members? I also don't know, somehow it just happened like that. I love Yuto because he is Yuto, not the other. I love everything about him.
I hope Yuto will be always be a good and kind boy who always concern about his surroundings, ah but Yuto is not a boy anymore but a man right now ^^
Always be the best as an idol, as a singer, as a dancer, as an actor, as a model, as a drummer, as a photographer.
Also always be the best as a son, as a big brother, as a friend.
Wish the best for Yuto. Success in everything you do especially for your career and I hope Yuto will enter the collage someday.
I hope Yuto will be more shining than now because I know Yuto can.
Always be yourself, Yuto that I know, that fans know because Yuto is always special when become who Yuto is.
I will always love Yuto forever. Yuto no koto ga daaaiiiisuki eien ni <3

Happy 18th Birthday MinWoo

Happy Birthday
No Min Woo



Happy 20th Birthday TaeMin

Happy Birthday
Lee Tae Min


Don't make my heart broken pleaseeee >.<


My New Stuffs

My Hey! Say! JUMP's package arrived to me yesterday *actually I picked up the package from reinfye's home because I used her address, thanks so much Rei* and this is what inside the package


Yup, finally HSJ's 10th single Come On A My House arrived to me a week after released. I'm so happy because those are my first HSJ's single that I have. Additionally, I also got HSJ's 8th single Magic Power. Actually I'm not planning to collect all of HSJ's singles and just wanna buy HSJ's album but I changed my mind and from now on, I'll buy all of HSJ's single *8 left to go plus if they release new single* >_<

Those are Come on a my house LE B version and Come on a my house RE first press *I don't have money to buy all the three versions* T_T

And luckily I got this Magic Power RE first press in the same place where I pre order Come on a my house. It's rarely to get JUMP's old first press single with new and seal condition. So when I saw they sell this single, I immediately whined to my mom to gave me money to bought that single before another people got it *yeay*

Back in February, I bought this album

Hey! Say! JUMP 1st Album JUMP NO.1. So for now, I have all of JUMP's albums :DD

I also got my first JUMP's official concert goodies last month
DSC00402 DSC00399

Those are Yuto & Chinen's photosets and also Chinen's uchiwa. Actually I want Yuto's uchiwa too but Yuto's uchiwa is kinda hm what should I say? I like Yuto's short hair the most. So I like to buy Yoto's uchiwa with Yuto's short hair :D just wait for JUMP's another concert ^^

And this is the last

This is SHINee's 3rd Album chapter 1 Misconceptions of You. I got it back in March. The chapter 2 already released but I prefer to bought JUMP's single. I really sorry for SHINee but for now JUMP becomes my priority...

For the very last, just wanna say Happy Birthday to Masuda Takahisa, Akanishi Jin, GACKT and Kim Doo Joon ^0^

Happy 23rd Birthday Kei

Happy Birthday
Inoo Kei


Inoo-chan is my sanban in JUMP and my ichiban in BEST so I really like you so much >_< Inoo-chan is really pretty more than a girl, *and I envy of that* adorable, smart & sexy. Your hand also is so pretty make me want to hold your hands tightly. Your randomness makes you unique  and I like it, not just me but I think all of your fans like your randomness ^^ Congratulations for your graduated, I'm really happy for you and I hope I can follow your track and graduate this year as well :))
I have a lot wishes for Inoo-chan. I hope Inoo-chan will always healty, always pretty more than a girl, always adorable, always smart, sexy, and always be a random person ^_^ I know you already through the hard time when you have to work in entertainment and go in collage as well, but now you already graduated and you can focus in the entertainment world, so I hope now you can get more and more job, get more and more screen time, get more and more solo lines, get your first dorama starring, and get more and more fans. I'm sure you can get that all. I also hope you will keep a good relationship with all of JUMP members because you are Inoo-mama da yo~ ^^ and especially with Yabu because Inoo-chan looked so happy when Inoo-chan is next to Yabu <3
I hope the BEST for Inoo-chan and just remember that you have a lot of fans and you can shine more more and more....

Happy 29th Birthday Keiichi

Happy Birthday
Koyama Keiichiro


Always be a best and great leader for NEWS because I know you can do it perfectly ;D
In your hands NEWS will always be better, kitto!!
And don't let the evil Tegoshi always bullying you because you are the leader deshou~
I know your name is K, Saranghae~ Aishiteru~
Love you always, yakusoku yo~ <3 <3


Happy 27th Birthday EunHyuk-oppa

Happy Birthday

Lee Hyuk Jae